Logic Pro tutorial by bufjap on YouTube

I found a nice tutorial on YouTube that covers some areas of Logic Pro functionality that I wasn’t aware of, by a guy named Richard (his site seems to be down, so that’s the only name I have).

The tutorial consists of 22 (!) parts and you can find the first part here.

The irony is that I’ve been using Logic for a while now, mostly fooling around with some smaller pieces, nothing serious, and mostly acoustic + sampled instruments, not synths – but still … I have the official Apple books for basic and advanced level, they should have covered pretty much everything (I know they don’t), and still there were quite a few things in the tutorial that I found useful and enlightening. This was also a bit frustrating … the tutorial is meant for beginners, I thought I already knew the basics.

I especially appreciated the fact that he went systematically through all instruments and explained the controls and how they are put together. Although I could find my way in EXS24, I was always puzzled by the synth instruments included with Logic. I’ve been staring into their tiny unreadable faces for hours, and I think I played with every knob I was able to recognize as a knob .. but the overall idea often still escaped me. Thanks to the tutorial it’s much clearer now.

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